lise marie2Lise-Marie du Preez

Mother of two
CEO of FOUND Health and Wellbeing
Certified Sleep SenseTM Consultant
BSc (Hons.) Psychology
MSc (Health) Psychology

My Story

My goal is to provide parents with the necessary support to gently guide their child to become a lifelong healthy sleeper. Clients often say that it is this expert advice and the support through the stress and exhaustion which was the ‘secret to their success’.

As a mother, I can identify with the pain of sleepless nights. My personal experience with my own babies sleep behaviours allowed me to fully empathise with feelings of helplessness, exhaustion and confusion of being a new parent and a parent of a child who isn’t sleeping through the night. Since birth, both my children did not sleep as well as they should have. Before discovering a solution to our sleep problems, my family suffered from chronic sleep deprivation causing a number of other health-related symptoms.

Sleep Advocate

Often sleep is taken for granted in this modern day lifestyle. Discovering the importance of restorative sleep for optimal physical and cognitive functioning was a fundamental turning point in my life in terms of health and well-being. Sleep contributes to a variety of health benefits. Subsequently, sleep is significant in supporting mothers during their transition into the ever-changing role of motherhood and essential for the children’s growth and development. Therefore, it became my passion to support mothers and children’s health and well-being by advocating that sleep is not a luxury, but a necessity.

This led me on a seven-year journey of psychological studies and corroborate of my expertise as a sleep consultant. The knowledge and understanding of child development, health behaviours and illness perspectives, underpin the objective evidence-based approach and advice I offer families on the science of sleep behaviours. The foundation of this is that sleep is one of the most important behaviours to improve health and well-being.

Found Sleep Health

I have established ‘Found Sleep Consultancy’ with the aim to support and guide families to both better and healthier sleep within a professional sleep consultancy practice. It is such a wonderful opportunity to promote this passion, to help mothers who are experiencing similar challenges around their babies’ sleep behaviours, as I once did, so that they are empowered to follow an improved path of health and vitality.

During my one-on-one consultations, parents will be educated about the importance of sleep and guided in a step by step approach through the process of healthier sleep habits. The client’s unique needs and goals will be carefully considered in a holistic approach by implementing a customised individual sleep plan for their child. Follow-up phone calls and emails will closely direct and support parents throughout the implementation process as needed.


If you are struggling with sleep and want to teach your child lifelong healthy sleep skills, please contact me to book a FREE 15 minute evaluation phone call to discuss your child's current sleep concerns.